Tips for Planning a Corporate Event

We know planning corporate events requires a lot of work. There are numerous things you need to check off your list as the corporate event planner. One of the most important things to consider is the food you will be serving.

Not all corporate events are created equal, so we thought we would share a few tips for planning the menu for your next corporate event.

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Corporate Event Menu Tips

  1. Finding your Caterer – You caterer can make or break your event! You should search for a caterer who is familiar with menus for corporate events to ensure a wide variety of options for all of your guests.
  2. Know your attendees – Try to find out what your guests’ like and dislike. Knowing this will help you determine what menu items they will enjoy and what items to leave off the list. We recommend doing some recon on your clientele’s partialities and past experiences.
  3. Get a head count – There is nothing worse than running out of food when you’re trying to impress clients. Find out ahead of time the number of guests attending to determine the quantity of food and drinks you will need.
  4. Don’t forget dietary needs – We always recommend having dietary options. Some guests may be vegetarian or gluten-free, and you don’t want important clients or your superiors to go hungry.
  5. Know your timing – If your event is during the day, the menu options might be slightly different from an event in the evening. Also, planning out how long your event will be will help you determine how much food you need and how many hours your book your caterer.
  6. Consider the tone and style of your event – In order to select the right food options, you need to determine what kind of event you are putting on. Is it more casual or formal?  If your event is casual, you could have a buffet or boxed lunches, but if your event is black tie you will want to offer a plated dinner or passed hors d’oeuvres.

Whether you are having a casual corporate meeting with boxed lunches or are planning a large gala or seated fundraiser, the Bistro Boys team can help you customize an impressive menu to wow your guests. Our delicious menu items and expertise can enhance any corporate event. For more details visit our Corporate Event page.

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