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FAQ’s and Common Misconceptions

Have you thought of everything? Below are several topics to help you plan your event. If you have any other questions or concerns, please don’t hesitate to drop us a line and we’ll be glad to promptly answer any and all queries.

Food makes an event! We’ve all experienced it. When you go to a party, where does everyone tend to gather? In the kitchen! We are more comfortable when we can smell food. It creates a feeling of comfort and well-being. Food can tantalize the senses and stimulate conversations. But there is more to catering than the food. Based on what type of food you select, and the service style you desire to present the food, there are many things that we will need to include in your proposal. For example, event tables need to be covered with linens. Guests will need utensils to eat with. The food needs to be kept warm or finished on-site. Food may be passed on serving platters or trays. You may need wine glasses, champagne flutes, and water goblets. Oh, and your guests would probably appreciate plates for their meals! And then there are the people that make it all happen – servers, bar tenders, chefs, and an Event Manager to ensure everything goes smoothly. Working with a caterer brings great food to your event – but to do that, we will need to include many things into your proposal. If you have questions, please ask. We carefully choose what we include based on over 15 years of experience providing “Colorado’s Premier Catering Experience”.
Ordering from a custom caterer isn’t like going to a restaurant. The food you choose says a lot about who you are! It’s your event, shouldn’t it be your choice in food? We do have some example menus on our web site – but they are in no way meant to be like a restaurant menu. They are there to spur your flights of fancy and help you explore all those options you might not think about otherwise. We will work with you to explore your delights and eliminate your discomforts. We can even take a look at your family fave’s and figure out how to share them with 200 of your closest friends! Let us bring your tastes alive.
Catering with Bistro Boys Catering is definitely not cafeteria food! We specialize in the art of bringing gourmet food to your location. Your guests will be served food that is prepared in our commercial kitchen by classically trained culinary specialists (chefs) and then finished on-site to make your food hot, fresh, and wonderfully tasting as if it was made moments before. If you haven’t had Bistro Boys Catering, you have missed out on what exceptional catering can be!
Living in Colorado, we know that the saying holds true – “If you don’t like the weather, wait 15 minutes!” Our weather is unpredictable at best. If your event is being held at a venue, ask them about contingency plans in case of bad weather. They may have indoor rooms large enough to handle your party. Alternatively, you might want to consider renting a tent for the occasion. Our sales experts can advise you on renting appropriate shelters and planning event flow. Remember, sometimes the shelter is nice because of our intense sunshine, too. Above all else, we will need to have a covered area for preparing your food. You don’t want to invest in the right menu only to have everything ruined by rain because there isn’t shelter.
The key to having a successful experience with any caterer is preparation and planning. Why? When you eat at a restaurant, it is common to have special requests for things that aren’t on the menu or for an accommodation to have food prepared a certain way (“Please make my Denver Omelet without any green peppers”). Typically, your server will respond with ‘let me check with the kitchen’ and off they go through the ‘magic door’ to fullfil your special request. In off-site catering, we don’t have a magic door. We bring everything for your event with us. This is the magic of catering – you don’t have to prepare anything or clean anything up – but it also means we don’t have a surplus of extra items for that ‘just in case’ request. We will ask you lots of questions and we rely on you to give us all the details – even the ones that you think might not be applicable.
Alcoholic libations are a part of many celebrations and we are often asked to bartend at events. Caterers in Colorado cannot qualify for a liquor license under Colorado State Law and therefore cannot sell you the alcohol for your event. Because of this, the most common option is for the host of the event to purchase the desired alcohol from a liquor store (we can provide assistance in coordinating the alcohol order) and then we provide bartenders to serve that alcohol to your guests. If this doesn’t work for you, ask your sales associate for other options.
Typically, a caterer only deals with decorations related to the food. If you have a buffet, we can choose presentations that will highlight your event, the style of the venue, etc. But room and event hall decoration goes beyond our focus on the food and service. Room Decoration and event design is an area typically handled by an event planner. Should you need event planning services, Bistro Boys Catering can help you find an event planner or we can work with an event planner to give you a single point of payment but that service is an additional charge beyond the food oriented catering.
The way your food is presented can say just as much as the food you choose. There are several styles of food presentation, and costs, that you will need to consider. If your event is providing a main meal for your guests, the three most common styles of service are 1) buffet, 2) plated service, and 3) family style. Realize that each method had its advantages and disadvantages. Buffet style requires space to set up a table, and food that can be presented in a self-service style. It requires fewer service staff but also needs space for your guests to queue up and they have to wait in line to get their meal and then carry it back to their seat. Because guests serve themselves, often more food is required per guest. A plated service allows your guests to stay seated and is typically more appropriate for a more elaborate fare but requires additional service staff in order to build the plates quickly and get all of your guests served within a very short time. This style is the most controlled for food portions and costs. A third option is ‘family style’ where the food is brought to the table in large portions and service platters and each guest passes the platter around while helping themselves to their portion. This style is wonderful for creating interaction between the guests at the table, but typically is the most expensive service option as it requires just as many service people, additional platters and serving utensils, and in general requires more food per person than either a buffet or a plated meal where the portions are more controlled.

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