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When you use Bistro Boys Catering for any event, or refer someone to us, you are automatically enrolled in the Bistro Boys VIP Rewards Program. You will receive an email with your rewards number you can use to track and redeem your points for any Bistro Boys service. Bistro Boys Catering, Colorado’s Premier Catering Experience.

Points add up fast

Our Program is simple, every $50 you spend with Bistro Boys Catering converts to a Point in our Reward Program. As you continue to use our services, Points accrue quickly and are redeemable for any Bistro Boys service, like catered complementary lunches, dinners, and more!

Program Features*

When you include Bistro Boys in your event you automatically become a member.
Earn 1 point for free lunches, dinners, parties and more for every 50 dollars spent.
Earn up to 50 points for any Referral that becomes a Bistro Boys customer. They automatically become Rewards Members too.
Rewards are applicable to any Bistro Boys product or service.

*see “Program Rules” for details

Access The Rewards Program

Bistro Boys Catering VIP Rewards Program Award Levels

Customers receive 1 point in rewards for every $50 in spending with Bistro Boys Catering.  The rewards points can be redeemed in the following ways:

Points may be applied towards any future catering purchases at a rate of $1 per point.

Below are several stand alone points packages to choose from.

50 points

Gourmet Dessert Tray

Gourmet Dessert Tray

You can pick up a mix of hand crafted desserts created by the pastry chef at the Bistro Boys kitchen. This tray can include house made bars, tortes, cupcakes, and other assorted gourmet items that are being freshly baked at the time you place your order. The assortment is sized for 6 people (depending on how many people have a large sweet tooth, maybe this is just for two?) and is provided on a disposable, recyclable, or compostable tray and must be ordered 2 days before you will be picking the tray up from our office in centrally located Glendale.

100 points

Small Soiree Package

Small Soiree Package

Getting together with a small group of friends? Add this easy package to your get together and celebrate in style. This package includes the Small Dessert Tray as described to the left and a tray of Hors D’ Oeuvres created by the culinary genius of our Executive Chef Joe Beggs. It will come with a variety of items along with instructions to ‘finish’ them on-site so they are ready to enjoy whenever you are. They will keep in your refrigerator for a day or two. Finish it all off with a bottle of Riesling Wine – chosen because it goes with almost everything!

250 points

Chef Cooked Dinner for 4

Chef Cooked Dinner for 4

Work with your event coordinator to create the menu* for your special night, then one of our premier trained chefs will arrive at your home to prepare a meal you won’t soon forget! Designed as an informal occasion for four with only the chef in attendance to minimize distraction. Due to seasonal demands, this event must be coordinated in advance and black-out dates may apply. *Menu is limited to one selection of each: appetizer or hors d’oeuvre, main meal with a protein, a starch, and a vegetable selection, and desert.

750 points

Cooking with Chef Joe!

Cooking with Chef Joe!

Spend a few quality hours with our Executive Chef Joe Beggs learning to cook some of his (or your) favorite things. Chef Joe has a wonderful teaching personality and it is sure to be an evening of fun, laughter, taste delights and learning new skills. This can be enjoyed in your home or in the Bistro Boys Catering kitchen. Bon Appetite! Due to high seasonal demands on our kitchen, the date must be coordinated in advance and black-out dates may apply depending on our booking schedule. A maximum of 4 people may attend.